Eija Ventola

List of John Benjamins publications for which Eija Ventola plays a role.


Perspectives on Multimodality

Edited by Eija Ventola, Cassily Charles and Martin Kaltenbacher

[Document Design Companion Series, 6] 2004. x, 250 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Semiotics
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Writing and literacy

Academic Writing: Intercultural and textual issues

Edited by Eija Ventola and Anna Mauranen

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 41] 1996. xiv, 258 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Writing and literacy


Muntigl, Peter and Eija Ventola 2010 Grammar: A neglected resource in interaction analysis?New Adventures in Language and Interaction, Streeck, Jürgen (ed.), pp. 99–124 | Article
Our aim in this paper is to explore the variety of ways in which grammar can be used as a resource for interaction. We propose that a grammatical analysis of social interaction needs to take two perspectives into account. The first involves showing how the meaning of a grammatical unit depends on… read more
Hofinger, Andrea and Eija Ventola 2004 Multimodality in Operation: Language and Picture in a MuseumPerspectives on Multimodality, Ventola, Eija, Cassily Charles and Martin Kaltenbacher (eds.), pp. 193–209 | Article
Ventola, Eija and Martin Kaltenbacher 2004 IntroductionPerspectives on Multimodality, Ventola, Eija, Cassily Charles and Martin Kaltenbacher (eds.), pp. 1–6 | Miscellaneous
Ventola, Eija 1998 Interpersonal choices in academic workLinguistic Choice across Genres: Variation in spoken and written English, Sánchez-Macarro, Antonia and Ronald Carter (eds.), pp. 117 ff. | Article
Ventola, Eija 1996 Packing and Unpacking of Information in Academic TextsAcademic Writing: Intercultural and textual issues, Ventola, Eija and Anna Mauranen (eds.), pp. 153 ff. | Article
Ventola, Eija 1994 From Syntax to Text: Problems in Producing Scientific Abstracts in L2The Syntax of Sentence and Text: A Festschrift for František Daneš, Čmejrková, Svĕtla and František Štícha (eds.), pp. 283 ff. | Article
The paper illustrates how many Finnish writers tend to have difficulties coding references to text participants appropriately in their English texts. When organising their texts thematically, Finnish writers also appear to apply thematic patterns which are not typical of English texts. In addition,… read more