Arie Verhagen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Arie Verhagen plays a role.



Duijn, Max van and Arie Verhagen. 2019. Recursive embedding of viewpoints, irregularity, and the role for a flexible framework. Irregular perspective shifts and perspective persistence: Discourse-oriented and theoretical approaches, Gentens, Caroline, María Sol Sansiñena, Stef Spronck and An Van linden (eds.), pp. 198–225
This paper discusses several conventional perspective operators at the lexical, grammatical, and narrative levels. When combined with each other and with particular contexts, these operators can amount to unexpected viewpoints arrangements. Traditional conceptualisations in terms of viewpoint… read more | Article
Verhagen, Arie. 2019. 50 years of dichotomies: Misunderstandings and the relevance of lexical semantics. Linguistics in the Netherlands 2019, Berns, Janine and Elena Tribushinina (eds.), pp. 60–66
Coordinating different viewpoints is an essential part of human interaction. Languages have evolved conventional ways of supporting this process: many linguistic items are somehow involved in viewpoint management, ranging from morphological elements and lexical units to grammatical constructions… read more | Article
Generally, construction based approaches to grammar consider constructions to be pairings of form and meaning and thus as a kind of signs, not essentially distinct from words and other lexical items. Granting this commonality, Langacker (2005) criticizes other varieties of constructional approaches… read more | Article
Verhagen, Arie. 2008. 13. Intersubjectivity in the architecture of language system. The Shared Mind: Perspectives on intersubjectivity, Zlatev, Jordan, Timothy P. Racine, Chris Sinha and Esa Itkonen (eds.), pp. 307–331
Certain lexical and grammatical units encode aspects of intersubjective coordination. On the basis of discourse connectives, and especially of negation and complementation, linguistic communication is argued to be inherently ‘argumentative’, a matter of influencing other people’s attitudes and… read more | Article
In construction grammar, specific constructions are daughters of more general patterns, the former inheriting properties of the latter, besides providing specifications of their own. Therefore, differences and similarities between languages may differentially involve lower and higher levels of… read more | Article
Cornelis, Louise and Arie Verhagen. 1995. Does Dutch really have a Passive?. Linguistics in the Netherlands 1995, Dikken, Marcel den and Kees Hengeveld (eds.), pp. 49–60