René van der Vlist

List of John Benjamins publications for which René van der Vlist plays a role.

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Vlist, René van der 2000 Psychology: Between Science and PracticeConcepts and Transformation 5:2, pp. 213–236
I present here my views on psychology as a science. The article is the result of an ongoing discussion between ‘academic’ and ‘professional’ psychology in The Netherlands. Many proponents of ‘academic’ psychology are in favor of a psychology as if it is one of the disciplines of the natural… read more | Article
Steensma, Herman and René van der Vlist 1998 Action Research to Reduce Sickness Absenteeism: A Case StudyConcepts and Transformation 3:3, pp. 179–206
An action research program was started in two Dutch concrete construction factories to reduce absenteeism due to sickness. Representatives of workers and managers analyzed all possible causes of absenteeism. This process was guided by the action researchers, who also explained theoretical models.… read more | Article
Meerman, Martha and René van der Vlist 1996 The Integration of Ethnic Minorities in Organizations: First StepsConcepts and Transformation 1:2/3, pp. 175–191
The acceptance and integration of ethnic minorities in organizations is a serious problem in most Western countries. With the increase in the numbers of immigrants and refugees in these countries, while at the same time general unemployment is also tending to increase, unemployment among immigrants… read more | Article