Albert Waldinger

List of John Benjamins publications for which Albert Waldinger plays a role.


Waldinger, Albert 2009 Paul Kussmaul: Verstehen und Übersetzen: ein Lehr-und-Arbeitsbuch.Babel 55:4, pp. 396–398 | Review
Waldinger, Albert 2008 Gonia Jarema and Gary Libben (eds.). The Mental LexiconBabel 54:1, pp. 91–93 | Review
Waldinger, Albert 2006 Sholem Aleichem in Tel Aviv: Classic Yiddish fiction in HebrewBabel 52:2, pp. 101–123 | Article
Abstract The above article traces the progress of the translation of Sholem Aleichem, one of the most highly regarded of Jewish writers — indeed, a Yiddish classic — into Hebrew. It is emphasized that this is “in family’’ translation, since Yiddish and Hebrew are sisters, with Hebrew older,… read more
Waldinger, Albert 2005 Clive Scott: Translating Baudelaire.Babel 51:1, pp. 92–95 | Review
Waldinger, Albert 2003 Yiddish/Hebrew Poetic Bilingualism: Genesis and RealizationBabel 49:3, pp. 253–274 | Article
The above essay embraces the modern phenomenon of Yiddish-Hebrew bilingualism in poetry through an examination both of its origins and its current form. It begins with Bialik and his writings in Yiddish, undertaken as a way of reaching the people, not in order to replace Hebrew with Yiddish. The… read more
Waldinger, Albert 2003 Review of: "Die Kafka-Rezeption in Frankreich" by Kerstin GernigBabel 49:3, pp. 286–288 | Miscellaneous
Waldinger, Albert 2001 The Remnant Word: Postholocaust Yiddish Poetry in non-Jewish LanguagesBabel 47:1, pp. 49–74 | Article
This article deals with the meaning of contemporary Yiddish poetry and its translation into several non-Jewish languages — French, German and English — stressing the perfected realization of this meaning through educated insight into a completely different culture and language. Also discussed are… read more
Waldinger, Albert 2000 Review of “Übersetzungswissenschaft in Brasilien” by Michaela WolfBabel 46:4, pp. 374–376 | Review
Waldinger, Albert 2000 The primal scream of Glückl and the FrauenbibelBabel 46:2, pp. 154–175 | Article
This article analyzes the “cry from the heart” of Bertha Pappenheim through her German version of the Yiddish Memoirs of Glückl von Hamel and the renowned “female Bible” (Tsenerene). Involved here is the placing of this output in the framework of her private life — a somewhat hysterical one,… read more
Waldinger, Albert 1999 Brian Britt: Walter Benjamin and the BibleBabel 45:1, pp. 88–91 | Miscellaneous
Abstract The foregoing article is about the modeling of translation style for the English translation of Rabelais on the work of Tom Robbins and Philip Roth, two modern American writers who approximate Rabelais in attitude and technique. Their tradition and linguistic habits, especially their… read more
Waldinger, Albert 1998 A Prophecy for the Jews: Isaiah in Yiddish and GermanBabel 44:4, pp. 316–335 | Article
Abstract The above article deals with the Yiddish translation of the book of Isaiah by the Yiddish poet and 'nationally minded' Biblical scholar Yehoash (Solomon Bloomgarden) and the extremely important, even revolutionary rendering of Isaiah into German by Martin Buber (with some help from Franz… read more
Waldinger, Albert 1996 Edwin Gentzler: Contemporary Translation TheoriesBabel 42:2, pp. 117–119 | Review
Waldinger, Albert 1995 Willis Barnstone: The Poetics of TranslationBabel 41:4, pp. 253–255 | Review
Waldinger, Albert 1995 Decoding self: Leaves of grass in HebrewBabel 41:3, pp. 149–160 | Article
Cet article, "Déchiffrage de soi: 'Feuille de l'herbe' en hébreu", s'occupe de la contribution de Shimon Halkin à la littérature hébraïque en tant que traducteur de la poésie de Walt Whitman, lui en dehors de cette tradition pendant que Halkin traduit de ses profondeurs kabbalistiques. Donc, sa… read more
Waldinger, Albert 1993 Frontiers of cohesion: Shakespeare in Modern HebrewBabel 39:2, pp. 98–110 | Article
Cet article (Frontières de Cohésion: Shakespeare en Hébreu Moderne") triate de la carrière de Avraham Shlonsky (1900-1973), poète israélien et un des traducteurs les plus illustres et plus expressifs de Shakespeare en hébreu. Il s'agit ici de donner un sens à cette carrière par l'analyse de son… read more
Waldinger, Albert 1991 The Hebrew Walden and translated renewalBabel 37:4, pp. 213–220 | Article
L'article est basé sur les aperçus de Eugene Nida (1974) selon lesquels il existe une différence nette entre "équivalence dynamique" et "correspondance formelle" en matière de traduction. L'auteur de l'article, suivant Nida, préfère le dynamisme, mais il n'est pas d'accord avec lui (1976) que les… read more