Wang Ning

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Literary Translation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Its Future Prospects

Edited by Wang Ning and Wang Hongtao

Special issue of Babel 69:4 (2023) v, 143 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies


Ning, Wang, Alessandro Di Nuovo, Angelo Cangelosi and Ray Jones 2019 Temporal patterns in multi-modal social interaction between elderly users and service robotHuman Robot Collaborative Intelligence: Theory and applications, Yang, Chenguang, Xiaofeng Liu, Junpei Zhong and Angelo Cangelosi (eds.), pp. 4–24 | Article
Social interaction, especially for older people living alone is a challenge currently facing human-robot interaction (HRI). There has been little research on user preference towards HRI interfaces. In this paper, we took both objective observations and participants’ opinions into account in… read more
Ning, Wang and César Domínguez 2016 Comparative literature and translation: A cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectiveBorder Crossings: Translation Studies and other disciplines, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 287–308 | Article
Translation has largely been dismissed by the field of comparative literature as being considered a mere mediator and an unnecessary tool for the true comparatist. But it is the comparatist who should master the languages in which the works to be compared are written. In recent decades, following… read more
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