Rachel Weissbrod

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rachel Weissbrod plays a role.


The 2017 adaptation of Anne Frank’s diary into a graphic novel by Ari Folman and David Polonsky is addressed in this article as a case of indirect translation, a concept developed by Ernst-August Gutt on the basis of relevance theory. According to Gutt, indirect translation “interpretively… read more
T. S. Eliot’s early poems, as well as his letters and prose, contain expressions of anti-Semitism. This article deals with the way in which Hebrew translators and others involved in the production of translations, such as scholars contributing introductions, have treated this issue. Based on the… read more
Weissbrod, Rachel 2010 Translation Studies and mass media researchWhy Translation Studies Matters, Gile, Daniel, Gyde Hansen and Nike K. Pokorn (eds.), pp. 115–124 | Article
Taking Israel as a case-study, this paper argues that Translation Studies can contribute to research dealing with multilingualism and multiculturalism as reflected in the mass media. Following ideological and demographic changes in Israeli society, the use of languages other than Hebrew is nowadays… read more
Though there are no clear-cut boundaries between the philosophy of translation and translation studies, they are obviously not the same. They differ not only in how they address their subject matter but also in that they occupy different “niches” in the culture. In the terminology of Bourdieu, they… read more
Weissbrod, Rachel 2008 Coping with racism in Hebrew literary translationBabel 54:2, pp. 171–186 | Article
This article examines the treatment of racism in Hebrew literary translation. It relies on culture theorists such as Foucault, Said, Fanon and Bhabha who have analyzed the relations of a society with individuals and groups whom it regards as “others”. The texts discussed have been selected because… read more
Weissbrod, Rachel 2008 Implications of Israeli multilingualism and multiculturalism for translation researchBeyond Descriptive Translation Studies: Investigations in homage to Gideon Toury, Pym, Anthony, Miriam Shlesinger † and Daniel Simeoni (eds.), pp. 51–66 | Article
Weissbrod, Rachel 1999 Mock-Epic as a Byproduct of the Norm of Elevated LanguageTarget 11:2, pp. 245–262 | Article
Beginning in the late nineteenth century, Hebrew underwent a process of revival. Despite the growing stratification of the language, literary translations into Hebrew were governed by a norm which dictated the use of an elevated style rooted in ancient Hebrew texts. This norm persisted at least… read more
Nama, Charles Atangana 1995 2. Translators and the development of national languagesTranslators through History, Delisle, Jean and Judith Woodsworth, pp. 25 ff. | Chapter
In the years leading up to the 1960s and in the beginning of that decade the system of non-canonized literature in Hebrew was inundated with translations from English. These were usually characterized by strong interference of that language. In the system of canonized literature, on the contrary,… read more