Moreno Mitrović

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A0 – The Lexical Status of Adjectives

Edited by Phoevos Panagiotidis and Moreno Mitrović

[Language Faculty and Beyond, 17] 2022. v, 295 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Mitrović, Moreno 2022 First-phase semanticsA0 – The Lexical Status of Adjectives, Panagiotidis, Phoevos and Moreno Mitrović (eds.), pp. 257–292 | Chapter
Everything else being equal, the procedural principles of interpretational composition should abide by the morphosyntactic structure that is provided to the conceptual intentional interface, in its totality and without stipulative exception. To equip the theory of mapping and interpretation with… read more
Mitrović, Moreno 2022 Chapter 13. Syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of Pseudo-CoordinationPseudo-Coordination and Multiple Agreement Constructions, Giusti, Giuliana, Vincenzo Nicolò Di Caro and Daniel Ross (eds.), pp. 287–314 | Chapter
There have been very few attempts to date to provide an explicit semantics/pragmatics for Pseudo-Coordination (PseCo) expressions. This chapter is an attempt to fill that gap, zooming in on the ‘go-(and-)get’-type. To do so, I first provide a syntactic account of PseCo, which derives from a… read more
Panagiotidis, Phoevos and Moreno Mitrović 2022 Introduction: To adjectives, lexical categories, and this volumeA0 – The Lexical Status of Adjectives, Panagiotidis, Phoevos and Moreno Mitrović (eds.), pp. 1–11 | Chapter
Mitrović, Moreno 2016 A relative syntax and semantics for SlovenianFormal Studies in Slovenian Syntax: In honor of Janez Orešnik, Marušič, Franc Lanko and Rok Žaucer (eds.), pp. 221–252 | Article
This paper entertains a novel, or rather transplanted, morhosyntactic and morphosemantic analysis of Slovenian Free Relative (FR) wh-markers with the signature enclitic -r morpheme. The syntax and semantics of -r marked FRs in Slovenian is set against an empirical observation of seeming… read more