Götz Wienold

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Lexical Knowledge in the Organization of Language

Edited by Urs Egli, Peter E. Pause, Christoph Schwarze, Arnim von Stechow and Götz Wienold

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 114] 1995. xiv, 367 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Semantics


Japanese has a colourful variety of linguistic means for presenting voices in the dialogue of a novel and distinguishing them from the narration. In German translations, this is generally reduced to a uniform way of formulating sentences. Point of view, however, which finds linguistic expression in… read more | Article
Typological distance between languages gives rise to a huge amount of translation problems. The present article takes up 20th century Japanese novels and their translations into German. As areas of typological differences, movement verbs and causatives in describing human bodily reactions have been… read more | Article
Wienold, Götz. 1982. Nochmalige Gedanken Zu Genus und Semantik. Festschrift für Karl Schneider, Dick, Ernst S. und Kurt R. Jankowsky (Hrsg.), pp. 243 ff.