Richard Wiese

List of John Benjamins publications for which Richard Wiese plays a role.



Molczanow, Janina, Ulrike Domahs, Johannes Knaus and Richard Wiese 2013 The lexical representation of word stress in Russian: Evidence from event-related potentialsNeural Correlates of Lexical Processing, pp. 164–194 | Article
This paper explores the processing of metrical structure in Russian, a language with free lexical stress. According to the existing theoretical accounts, not all Russian stems are specified for accent in the lexicon. The present study employs event-related potentials (ERPs) to find evidence to… read more
Wiese, Richard 2005 How to optimize orthographyFrom Letter to Sound: New perspectives on writing systems, Neef, Martin and Beatrice Primus † (eds.), pp. 305–331 | Article
The basic goal of this paper is to provide a formal treatment of “orthographic principles” in terms of optimization. Starting from a discussion of a preference-oriented vs. a rule-oriented systematic theory of orthography, the paper explores an explicit description of orthographic regularities in… read more