Sherman Wilcox

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Subjects Cognition and language | Psycholinguistics | Typology
Subjects Applied linguistics | Phonetics


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This chapter investigates the linguistic links between gesture and language, relying on data from signed languages. Data focuses on the developmental routes by which non-linguistic gestures become incorporated into the linguistic system of signed languages. Evidence is presented for two routes: one… read more
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This study examines the developmental routes by which gesture is codified into a linguistic system in the context of the natural signed languages of the deaf. I suggest that gestures follow two routes as they codify, and thus that signed languages provide evidence of how material which begins its… read more
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In this paper I explore the role of gesture in the development of signed languages. Using data from American Sign Language, Catalan Sign Language, French Sign Language, and Italian Sign Language, as well as historical sources describing gesture in the Mediterranean region, I demonstrate that… read more
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