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Subjects Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Syntax


Keller, Melanie, Philipp Striedl, Daniel Biro, Johanna Holzer and Kate Burridge 2021 Circumnavigating taboos: A functional and formal typologySex, Death & Politics: Taboos in Language, Keller, Melanie, Philipp Striedl, Daniel Biro, Johanna Holzer and Benjamin Weber (eds.), pp. 5–24 | Article
This article elaborates on Wolfgang Schulze’s keynote speech of the same title at the 26th LIPP Symposium in Munich in 2019. It is based on the slides from his talk and various teaching materials, of which some figures have been translated from German to English before their inclusion in this… read more
This chapter explores the complexities of the prescriptive-descriptive divide as revealed in three dictionaries from the early to late Modern English period. Lexicographers had not yet arrived at the idea that dictionaries should include all words; hence, those they chose to record in permanent… read more
The focus of this chapter is on the grammatical expression of the unknown and its role as a force for linguistic change at different times in Germanic. The paper opens with a brief look at modern Pennsylvania German, the language spoken by ultra-conservative Anabaptist groups in North America. This… read more
Börjars, Kersti and Kate Burridge 2011 From preposition to purposive to infinitival marker: The Pennsylvania German fer…zu constructionStudies on German-Language Islands, Putnam, Michael T. (ed.), pp. 385–412 | Article
The development from an allative preposition to a purposive marker to an infinitival marker is a common one cross-linguistically. In this paper, we look in some detail at this change in Pennsylvania German. We demonstrate that fer has completed this change in that it now occurs in a full range of… read more
In his A Letter from Sydney of 1829, Edward Wakefield described the language he encountered in the new colony as “peculiar” (in other words, it was distinctive). This paper aims at contributing to our understanding of the linguistic processes that were going on at that time, particularly the… read more
Allan, Keith and Kate Burridge 2009 SwearingComparative Studies in Australian and New Zealand English: Grammar and beyond, Peters, Pam, Peter Collins and Adam Smith (eds.), pp. 359–384 | Article
In this chapter, we provide an account of antipodean swearing patterns, drawing on examples from existing written and spoken data banks. As part of this investigation, we consider general questions to do with swearing: what it is, why speakers do it and how swearing patterns have changed over the… read more
Burridge, Kate 1998 From modal auxiliary to lexical verb: the curious case of Pennsylvania German wotteHistorical Linguistics 1995: Volume 2: Germanic linguistics, Hogg, Richard M. and Linda van Bergen (eds.), pp. 19 ff. | Article
Burridge, Kate 1998 Throw the baby from the window a cookie: English and Pennsylvania German in contactCase, Typology and Grammar: In honor of Barry J. Blake, Siewierska, Anna and Jae Jung Song (eds.), pp. 71 ff. | Article
Bee Chin, Ng and Kate Burridge 1993 The female radical: Portrayal of women in the Chinese scriptLanguage and Gender in the Australian Context, Winter, Joanne and Gillian Wigglesworth (eds.), pp. 54–85 | Article
The paper discusses the sexist portrayal of women in Mandarin Chinese. It begins with a study of asymmetries in the lexicon; e.g. naming conventions, address terms, abuse terms, etc. which exemplify the marginalisation of Chinese women. The focus of the paper is on the stereotyped depiction of… read more