Deirdre Wilson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Deirdre Wilson plays a role.



Wilson, Deirdre 2022 Communication, comprehension, and interpretationDynamism in Metaphor and Beyond, Colston, Herbert L., Teenie Matlock and Gerard J. Steen (eds.), pp. 143–156
Ray Gibbs has argued that three features of figurative utterance interpretation make it hard to envisage a unitary pragmatic theory, with a set of dedicated principles or mechanisms linked to “some specialized ‘pragmatics’ part of the mind”. First, a given figurative utterance may be interpreted… read more | Chapter
Wilson, Deirdre and Patricia Kolaiti 2017 Chapter 7. Lexical pragmatics and implicit communicationImplicitness: From lexis to discourse, Cap, Piotr and Marta Dynel (eds.), pp. 147–176
In this paper, we consider what is implicitly communicated when the linguistically-specified (encoded) meaning of word or phrase is modified in use. Well-studied examples of such modification include lexical narrowing, approximation and metaphorical extension. A striking feature of much research in… read more | Chapter
Sperber, Dan and Deirdre Wilson 1998 Irony and relevance: A reply to Seto, Hamamoto and YamanashiRelevance Theory: Applications and implications, Carston, Robyn and Seiji Uchida (eds.), pp. 283 ff.
Wilson, Deirdre and Dan Sperber 1998 Pragmatics and timeRelevance Theory: Applications and implications, Carston, Robyn and Seiji Uchida (eds.), pp. 1 ff.