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Determiners: Universals and variation

Edited by Jila Ghomeshi, Ileana Paul and Martina Wiltschko

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 147] 2009. vii, 247 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


The goal of this paper is to argue that the assumption that there are universal underpinnings for the construction of language specific categories is a useful, if not necessary assumption for the discovery and comparison of categories. Specifically, I will explore three empirical domains: … read more | Chapter
Wiltschko, Martina and Johannes Heim. 2016. The syntax of confirmationals: A neo-performative analysis. Outside the Clause: Form and function of extra-clausal constituents, Kaltenböck, Gunther, Evelien Keizer and Arne Lohmann (eds.), pp. 305–340
This paper explores the form, function and distribution of certain discourse markers which seem to occur outside traditional clause boundaries and are used to request confirmation. These ‘confirmationals’ differ according to what is expected to be confirmed. Some confirmationals trigger a response… read more | Article
Patterns of nominalization in Blackfoot are surveyed. It is demonstrated that two of these patterns behave like nouns while two others only partially behave like nouns. Degrees of nominality are analyzed within the assumption that there is a universal syntactic spine, a hierarchically organized set… read more | Article
Christodoulou, Christina and Martina Wiltschko. 2012. Function without content: Evidence from Greek subjunctive na. Towards a Biolinguistic Understanding of Grammar: Essays on interfaces, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria (ed.), pp. 117–140
In this paper we provide new evidence for the assumption that the content of functional categories should be dissociated from its function (Ritter & Wiltschko 2009, 2011). In particular, we discuss evidence from lexicalization patterns. On standard assumptions, functional categories are… read more | Article
Ghomeshi, Jila, Ileana Paul and Martina Wiltschko. 2009. Determiners: Universals and variation. Determiners: Universals and variation, Ghomeshi, Jila, Ileana Paul and Martina Wiltschko (eds.), pp. 1–22
Wiltschko, Martina. 2009. What’s in a determiner and how did it get there?. Determiners: Universals and variation, Ghomeshi, Jila, Ileana Paul and Martina Wiltschko (eds.), pp. 25–66
I investigate determiner systems of three unrelated languages (Blackfoot, German, and Halkomelem). I show that the features encoded in determiners vary in content, distribution, and spell-out properties. I argue that the distributional differences are best understood as reflecting the familiar… read more | Article
Déchaine, Rose-Marie and Martina Wiltschko. 2003. 2. On pro-nouns and other “pronouns”. From NP to DP: Volume 1: The syntax and semantics of noun phrases, Coene, Martine and Yves D’hulst (eds.), pp. 71–89
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