Walt Wolfram

List of John Benjamins publications for which Walt Wolfram plays a role.

Book series


Wolfram, Walt and Caroline Myrick 2017 Linguistic commonality in English of the African diaspora: Evidence from lesser-known varieties of EnglishLanguage Contact in Africa and the African Diaspora in the Americas: In honor of John V. Singler, Cutler, Cecelia, Zvjezdana Vrzić and Philipp Angermeyer (eds.), pp. 145–176 | Chapter
To examine the question of ethnolinguistic alignment and distinctiveness in the African English diaspora, we compare several communities of Afro and Anglo speakers in lesser-known varieties of English in historically insular communities, including a remote coastal area on the Atlantic Ocean of the… read more
Childs, Becky, Jeffrey Reaser and Walt Wolfram 2003 Defining ethnic varieties in the Bahamas: Phonological accommodation in black and white enclave communitiesContact Englishes of the Eastern Caribbean, Aceto, Michael and Jeffrey P. Williams (eds.), pp. 1–28 | Article
Wolfram, Walt and Natalie Schilling-Estes 2003 Parallel development and alternative restructuring: The case of weren't intensificationSocial Dialectology: In honour of Peter Trudgill, Britain, David and Jenny Cheshire (eds.), pp. 133–153 | Article
Wolfram, Walt and Clare Dannenberg 1999 Dialect Identity in a Tri-Ethnic Context: The Case of Lumbee American Indian EnglishEnglish World-Wide 20:2, pp. 179–216 | Article
This study examines the development of a Native American Indian variety of English in the context of a rural community in the American South where European Americans, African Americans and Native American Indians have lived together for a couple of centuries now. The Lumbee Native American Indians,… read more
Wolfram, Walt and Natalie Schilling-Estes 1996 Dialect change and maintenance in a post-insular island communityFocus on the USA, Schneider, Edgar W. (ed.), pp. 103 ff. | Article
Wolfram, Walt 1989 Structural variability in phonological development: Final nasals in Vernacular Black EnglishLanguage Change and Variation, Fasold, Ralph W. and Deborah Schiffrin (eds.), pp. 301 ff. | Article