Alfons Wouters

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This contribution offers an attempt at defining the genre of grammatical school papyri, on the basis of a corpus of some 65 relevant papyri, roughly ranging from the 1st to the 8th century AD. After a brief overview of the heuristic and methodological state of the art, we offer a content-based… read more
The origin and development of the parts-of-speech system was the subject of retrospective accounts written by ancient Greek and Latin authors interested in this evolutionary process of grammaticography. These accounts, containing a survey of doctrines and viewpoints concerning the number and nature… read more
The participle is one of the eight parts of speech in ancient Greek grammaticography. In spite of its constant inclusion in grammar manuals of the ancient Greek tradition, its status is problematic given that the participle is defined not in terms of proper and specific characteristics, but… read more
Swiggers, Pierre and Alfons Wouters 1999 A Round-Table DiscussionHistory of Linguistics 1996: Volume 2: From Classical to Contemporary Linguistics, Cram, David, Andrew R. Linn and Elke Nowak (eds.), pp. 3 ff. | Chapter