Alison Wray

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Subjects Evolution of language | Language disorders & speech pathology | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics


It is proposed that conflict is an almost inevitable outcome, when, as in dementia communication, the delicate relationship between linguistic processing and pragmatics is upset. This relationship has been little researched, even though much is known about the two components in isolation. Making… read more | Article
This paper explores the ambiguous nature of applied linguistics as a field of enquiry, to contextualise the interpretation of data from an empirical study into how research expertise in applied linguistics is conceptualised, and how it develops during an academic’s career. Key findings from the… read more | Article
Wray, Alison 2014 Developing comprehensive criteria of adequacy: The challenge of hybridityThe Functional Perspective on Language and Discourse: Applications and implications, Gómez González, María de los Ángeles, Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco Gonzálvez-García and Angela Downing (eds.), pp. 19–36
Butler (2009a, b) argues that an adequate model of the language system should accommodate cognitive, sociocultural, discoursal, acquisitional, typological and diachronic dimensions, and observational evidence from corpora, experiments and intuition. This paper asks if such reconciliation is… read more | Article
Mollet, Eugène, Alison Wray, Tess Fitzpatrick, Naomi R. Wray and Margaret J. Wright 2010 Choosing the best tools for comparative analyses of textsInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 15:4, pp. 429–473
What measurements should linguists use when comparing texts written by different writers? We report aspects of a systematic evaluation of 381 different language measures derived from 200 analytic tools, carried out during the pilot for a study exploring genetic contributions to language variation.… read more | Article
Wray, Alison 2009 Identifying formulaic language: Persistent challenges and new opportunitiesFormulaic Language: Volume 1. Distribution and historical change, Corrigan, Roberta, Edith A. Moravcsik, Hamid Ouali and Kathleen Wheatley (eds.), pp. 27–52
Identifying examples of formulaic language in text is a non-trivial challenge, but the difficulties can be much alleviated by the use of an appropriate definition. Three types of definition are distinguished. Type (i) lays out an analytic working space. Type (ii) derives from an analysis and… read more | Chapter
Wray, Alison and Tess Fitzpatrick 2008 Why can't you just leave it alone? Deviations from memorized language as a gauge of nativelike competencePhraseology in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, Meunier, Fanny and Sylviane Granger (eds.), pp. 123–147
This chapter reports an investigation into the capacity of language learners to improve their performance through the memorization of specifically targeted linguistic material. Six intermediate/advanced learners of English memorized nativelike versions of conversational turns that they anticipated… read more | Article
People living with a dementia and their family carers are at high risk of being excluded from the contact, activities, information and services that help them remain resilient. Using interview data from family dementia carers, this article explores the sources of enablement and inhibition in… read more | Article