Richard W. Byrne

List of John Benjamins publications for which Richard W. Byrne plays a role.


Graham, Kirsty E., Takeshi Furuichi and Richard W. Byrne 2020 Context, not sequence order, affects the meaning of bonobo (Pan paniscus) gesturesGesture 19:2/3, pp. 335–364
In most languages, individual words can be ambiguous between several different meanings, but through syntax and context the intended meaning of an ambiguous word usually becomes apparent. Many great ape gestures also have ambiguous meanings, which poses the problem of how individuals can interpret… read more | Article
Hobaiter, Catherine and Richard W. Byrne 2012 Gesture use in consortship: Wild chimpanzees’ use of gesture for an ‘evolutionarily urgent’ purposeDevelopments in Primate Gesture Research, Pika, Simone and Katja Liebal (eds.), pp. 129–146
We describe the gestural communication of wild chimpanzees in the evolutionarily urgent context of consortship. Consortship represented the dominant context for the use of gestural communication by adult males in the Sonso community. Gesturing provided consorting males with the opportunity to… read more | Article
Any study of communicative gesture must identify which movements are purposeful (intentionality) and which examples of movements should be grouped into a single gesture (granularity). Where researchers studying human gesture are aided by linguistic context, researchers studying non-human primates… read more | Chapter