Hana Smiskova

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hana Smiskova plays a role.


Smiskova, Hana, Marjolijn H. Verspoor and Wander Lowie 2012 Conventionalized ways of saying things (CWOSTs) and L2 developmentDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 1:1, pp. 125–142
Taking a usage-based approach, this paper aims to define conventionalized ways of saying things (CWOSTs) as multi-word units so that they can be included in researching L2 development. We build on Langacker’s (2008) “normal ways of saying things”, here understood as conventionalized… read more | Article
This article reports on a longitudinal study of the development of formulaic sequences in 22 teenage Dutch learners of English in high and low input conditions (Dutch bilingual TTO and Gymnasium). Written samples of language were collected monthly over a period of 3 years and analyzed using a… read more | Article