Inga Hennecke

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Constructions in Spanish

Edited by Inga Hennecke and Evelyn Wiesinger

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 34] 2023. vi, 406 pp. + index
Subjects Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Hennecke, Inga and Evelyn Wiesinger. 2023. Chapter 1. Construction Grammar meets Hispanic linguistics. Constructions in Spanish, Hennecke, Inga and Evelyn Wiesinger (eds.), pp. 2–25
This chapter offers an introduction to the topic and to the individual contributions of the present volume. First, it presents an evaluation of the general potential of combining (usage-based and cognitively oriented) Construction Grammar with Hispanic (and Romance) linguistics. Further, it aims at… read more | Chapter
French truc and machin (‘thing’) can function as placeholders, fillers or in general extender constructions. The aim of our paper is to investigate whether the prosodic characteristics of these three different uses may give a clue as to their respective status. For our analysis, we extracted 112… read more | Article
N Prep N constructions such as Sp. bicicleta de montaña ‘mountain bike’ are very productive and frequent in Romance languages. They commonly have been classified as syntagmatic compounds that show no orthographic union and exhibit an internal structure that resembles free syntactic structures, such… read more | Article