Rolf A. Zwaan

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Subjects Theoretical literature & literary studies


Nooijer, Jacqueline A. de, Tamara van Gog, Fred Paas and Rolf A. Zwaan 2014 Words in action: Using gestures to improve verb learning in primary school childrenGesture 14:1, pp. 46–69
Research on embodied cognition has shown that action and language are closely intertwined. The present study seeks to exploit this relationship, by systematically investigating whether motor activation would improve eight-to-nine year old children’s learning of vocabulary in their first language.… read more | Article
The consensus view in cognitive psychology is that the construction of situation models is an integral part of language comprehension. A great deal of empirical evidence supports this view. Moreover, recent theorizing and empirical evidence suggest that situation models are best viewed as… read more | Article
Zwaan, Rolf A., Gabriel A. Radvansky and Shannon Whitten 2002 2. Situation models and themesThematics: Interdisciplinary Studies, Louwerse, Max M. and Willie van Peer (eds.), pp. 35–53
Zwaan, Rolf A., Carol J. Madden and Robert A. Stanfield 2001 Time in narrative comprehension: A cognitive perspectiveThe Psychology and Sociology of Literature: In honor of Elrud Ibsch, Schram, Dick and Gerard J. Steen (eds.), pp. 71–86
Zwaan, Rolf A. 1996 How Empirical is the Empirical Study of Literature?The Search for a New Alphabet: Literary studies in a changing world, Hendrix, Harald, Joost J. Kloek, Sophie Levie and Willie van Peer (eds.), pp. 321 ff.