Silva H. Ladewig

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Recurrent Gestures

Edited by Simon Harrison, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem

Special issue of Gesture 20:2 (2021) v, 177 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Communication Studies | Electronic/Multimedia Products | Gesture Studies | Signed languages


Harrison, Simon and Silva H. Ladewig 2021 Recurrent gestures throughout bodies, languages, and cultural practicesRecurrent Gestures, Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem (eds.), pp. 153–179 | Article
In gesture studies, the adjective ‘recurrent’ has developed to distinguish a range of semiotic and conceptual phenomena concerning the nature of meaningful bodily movements. This article begins with a brief and recent history of recurrent gesture studies. We raise ongoing debates concerning the… read more
Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem 2021 The diversity of recurrency: A special issue on recurrent gesturesRecurrent Gestures, Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem (eds.), pp. 143–152 | Editorial
Ladewig, Silva H. and Lena Hotze 2021 The Slapping movement as an embodied practice of dislike: Inter-affectivity in interactions among childrenRecurrent Gestures, Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem (eds.), pp. 285–312 | Article
This paper introduces the Slapping movement as an embodied practice of dislike or meta-commentary recurring in conflictive situations between German children aged four to six (Hotze, 2019). Children move this way primarily in stopping a co-participant’s action and protesting against the action… read more
Bressem, Jana, Silva H. Ladewig and Cornelia Müller 2018 Ways of expressing action in multimodal narrations – the semiotic complexity of character viewpoint depictionsLinguistic Foundations of Narration in Spoken and Sign Languages, Hübl, Annika and Markus Steinbach (eds.), pp. 223–250 | Chapter
Based on an analysis accounting for the whole body as a possible articulator in the depiction of actions, this chapter argues for an expansion of the notion of ‘character viewpoint gestures’ to a notion of ‘multimodal action depiction from a character viewpoint’. Our study shows that speakers may… read more
Kolter, Astrid, Silva H. Ladewig, Michela Summa, Cornelia Müller, Sabine C. Koch and Thomas Fuchs 2012 Chapter 13. Body memory and the emergence of metaphor in movement and speech: An interdisciplinary case studyBody Memory, Metaphor and Movement, Koch, Sabine C., Thomas Fuchs, Michela Summa and Cornelia Müller (eds.), pp. 201–226 | Article
The present study is an empirical documentation of body memory and the transition from implicit to explicit memory from the cognitive-linguistic, movement analytic, and philosophical perspectives in a therapeutic application. The transition from implicit memory to explicit memory is described using… read more