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In spite of the centrality of the vernacular in sociolinguistics, we find, it is constantly pitched against the standard, failing to make meaning on its own. It is common practice in western sociolinguistics to identify variants as standard or non-standard, thus marking a distinction between the… read more
Satyanath, Shobha 2017 EditorialAsia-Pacific Language Variation 3:2, pp. 123–129 | Editorial
Satyanath, Shobha 2017 EditorialAsia-Pacific Language Variation 3:1, pp. 1–4 | Editorial
Satyanath, Shobha 2016 EditorialAsia-Pacific Language Variation 2:1, pp. 1–3 | Editorial
Satyanath, Shobha and Nazrin B. Laskar 2009 19. Ethnicity, bilingualism and variable clitic marking in Bishnupriya ManipuriVariation in Indigenous Minority Languages, Stanford, James N. and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 441–462 | Article
This paper discusses variable patterns of overt marking in Bishnupriya NP structure. The main interest of the paper lies in the use of animacy-based classifier clitics (clf) which may be located on the head of a noun phrase, on one or more dependents, on both the head and the dependent(s) or on… read more