Véronique Hoste

List of John Benjamins publications for which Véronique Hoste plays a role.

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Rigouts Terryn, Ayla, Véronique Hoste and Els Lefever 2022 Tagging terms in text: A supervised sequential labelling approach to automatic term extractionTerminology 28:1, pp. 157–189 | Article
As with many tasks in natural language processing, automatic term extraction (ATE) is increasingly approached as a machine learning problem. So far, most machine learning approaches to ATE broadly follow the traditional hybrid methodology, by first extracting a list of unique candidate terms,… read more
Rigouts Terryn, Ayla, Véronique Hoste and Els Lefever 2021 HAMLET: Hybrid Adaptable Machine Learning approach to Extract TerminologyTerminology 27:2, pp. 254–293 | Article
Automatic term extraction (ATE) is an important task within natural language processing, both separately, and as a preprocessing step for other tasks. In recent years, research has moved far beyond the traditional hybrid approach where candidate terms are extracted based on part-of-speech… read more
Koleva, Mariya, Melissa Farasyn, Bart Desmet, Anne Breitbarth and Véronique Hoste 2017 An automatic part-of-speech tagger for Middle Low GermanInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 22:1, pp. 107–140 | Article
Syntactically annotated corpora are highly important for enabling large-scale diachronic and diatopic language research. Such corpora have recently been developed for a variety of historical languages, or are still under development. One of those under development is the fully tagged and parsed… read more
We present a multilingual approach to Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD), which automatically assigns the contextually appropriate sense to a given word. Instead of using a predefined monolingual sense-inventory, we use a language-independent framework by deriving the senses of a given word from word… read more
Lefever, Els, Marjan Van de Kauter and Véronique Hoste 2014 HypoTerm: Detection of hypernym relations between domain-specific terms in Dutch and EnglishLexical semantic approaches to terminology, Faber, Pamela and Marie-Claude L'Homme (eds.), pp. 250–278 | Article
HypoTerm is a data-driven semantic relation finder that starts from a list of automatically extracted domain- and user-specific terms from technical corpora, and generates a list of relations between these terms. This research study focused on the detection of hypernym relations between relevant… read more
Macken, Lieve, Els Lefever and Véronique Hoste 2013 TExSIS: Bilingual terminology extraction from parallel corpora using chunk-based alignmentTerminology 19:1, pp. 1–30 | Article
We report on TExSIS, a flexible bilingual terminology extraction system that uses a sophisticated chunk-based alignment method for the generation of candidate terms, after which the specificity of the candidate terms is determined by combining several statistical filters. Although the set-up of… read more
Hoste, Véronique, Klaar Vanopstal, Els Lefever and Isabelle Delaere 2010 Classification-based scientific term detection in patient informationTerminology 16:1, pp. 1–29 | Article
Although intended for the “average layman”, both in terms of readability and contents, the current patient information still contains many scientific terms. Different studies have concluded that the use of scientific terminology is one of the factors, which greatly influences the readability of… read more