Andrea J. van Doorn

List of John Benjamins publications for which Andrea J. van Doorn plays a role.


Arendsen, Jeroen, Andrea J. van Doorn and Huib de Ridder 2010 Acceptability of sign manipulationsSign Language & Linguistics 13:2, pp. 101–155 | Article
This study contains the results of an experiment in which signers were asked to judge the acceptability of a set of sign manipulations. Signs were recorded with variations in different categories, in the temporal and spatial dimension. Participants varied much in tolerance, i.e. in the percentage… read more
Arendsen, Jeroen, Andrea J. van Doorn and Huib de Ridder 2009 When do people start to recognize signs?Gesture 9:2, pp. 207–236 | Article
The aim of this paper is to examine when signers start to recognize the lexical meaning of a sign. This is studied with movies of 32 mono-morphemic signs of Sign Language of the Netherlands (SLN). Signs were presented in isolation or with preceding fidgets (e.g., rubbing your nose). Signers… read more
Arendsen, Jeroen, Andrea J. van Doorn and Huib de Ridder 2007 When and how well do people see the onset of gestures?Gesture 7:3, pp. 305–342 | Article
We studied if and when people detect the beginning of a gesture, in our case a sign in Sign Language of the Netherlands (SLN), by presenting movie fragments consisting of sequences of rest positions, fidgets, and signs to deaf signers, hearing signers and non-signers. Participants were instructed… read more
Koenderink, Jan J. and Andrea J. van Doorn 2006 Pictorial space, a modern reappraisal of Adolf HildebrandVisual Thought: The depictive space of perception, Albertazzi, Liliana (ed.), pp. 135–153 | Article