Paul H. Thibodeau

Paul H. Thibodeau

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Variation in Political Metaphor

Edited by Julien Perrez, Min Reuchamps and Paul H. Thibodeau

Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


2022. Metaphor and elaboration in context. Dynamism in Metaphor and Beyond, Colston, Herbert L., Teenie Matlock and Gerard J. Steen (eds.), pp. 223–240
In this chapter, we situate recent studies of metaphor comprehension and metaphor framing under broader theories of discourse processing, drawing out the connections between classic work on narratives, schemas, and elaboration and contemporary research on metaphor. Our analysis emphasizes that… read more | Chapter
Reuchamps, Min, Paul H. Thibodeau and Julien Perrez. 2019. Introduction: Studying variation in political metaphor: From discourse analysis to experiment. Variation in Political Metaphor, Perrez, Julien, Min Reuchamps and Paul H. Thibodeau (eds.), pp. 1–12
The introduction offers an overview of the literature on political metaphors, with Critical Discourse Analysis and Conceptual Metaphor Theory as starting points. It then presents the main objective of the book, viz. to study the variation in political metaphor, based on the analyses of actual data,… read more | Chapter
Thibodeau, Paul H., James Fleming and Maya Lannen. 2019. Chapter 8. Variation in methods for studying political metaphor: Comparing experiments and discourse analysis. Variation in Political Metaphor, Perrez, Julien, Min Reuchamps and Paul H. Thibodeau (eds.), pp. 177–194
This chapter explores methodological variation in the study of political metaphor, focusing on a comparison of two approaches: the Critical Discourse Approach (CDA) and experiments (the Response Elicitation Approach; REA). What kinds of political metaphors have been investigated on the two… read more | Chapter
Thibodeau, Paul H., Julien Perrez and Min Reuchamps. 2019. Conclusion: A Journey through variation in political metaphor. Variation in Political Metaphor, Perrez, Julien, Min Reuchamps and Paul H. Thibodeau (eds.), pp. 195–206
The concluding chapter discusses political, linguistic, psychological, and methodological dimensions related to the study of political metaphor. It highlights common themes discussed in the primary chapters, noting points of convergence in the research questions being investigated, the methods used… read more | Chapter
Metaphor frames highlight certain aspects of a target domain and deemphasize others, thereby encouraging specific patterns of inference. A recent series of studies (Reijnierse, Burgers, Krennmayr, & Steen, 2015; Steen, Reijnierse, & Burgers, 2014), however, raises questions about the role of… read more | Article
Thibodeau, Paul H., Anna Winneg, Cynthia Frantz and Stephen J. Flusberg. 2016. The mind is an ecosystem: Systemic metaphors promote systems thinking. Metaphor and the Social World 6:2, pp. 225–242
Is income inequality more of a blemish or a failing organ in our economy? Both metaphors capture something about wealth disparities, but only failing organ seems to emphasize the fact that our economy is a complex system, where activity in one region may lead to a cascade of problems in other parts… read more | Article