Sarah Bordes

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ISSN 0521-9744 | E-ISSN 1569-9668


Intelligences pour la traduction. IA et interculturel : actions et interactions.

Edited by Ludovica Maggi and Sarah Bordes

Special issue of FORUM 20:2 (2022) vi, 207 pp.
Subjects Interpreting | Translation Studies


Maggi, Ludovica et Sarah Bordes 2022 Intelligences en jeu: Interculturel et IA pour la traduction et l’interprétationIntelligences pour la traduction. IA et interculturel : actions et interactions., Maggi, Ludovica and Sarah Bordes (eds.), pp. 177–184 | Introduction
This chapter describes how a close and respectful collaboration between higher education institutions training conference interpreters and international organizations (IOs) can lead to a win-win situation with greater employment opportunities for graduates and better recruitment opportunities for… read more