Ian Wilson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ian Wilson plays a role.


Miyashita, Mizuki, Mark Irwin, Ian Wilson and Timothy J. Vance 2016 Rendaku in Tōhoku Japanese: The Kahoku-chō SurveySequential Voicing in Japanese: Papers from the NINJAL Rendaku Project, Vance, Timothy J. and Mark Irwin (eds.), pp. 173–194 | Article
Rendaku in many Tōhoku dialects is manifested in the form of prenasalized voicing, and this paper provides a case study of rendaku in the dialect of Kahoku-chō, Yamagata Prefecture. After describing prenasalized voicing and its relationship to rendaku, the paper reports the results of a study… read more
Kaneko, Emiko, Younghyon Heo, Gregory Iverson and Ian Wilson 2015 Quasi-neutralization in the acquisition of English coronal fricatives by native speakers of JapaneseJournal of Second Language Pronunciation 1:1, pp. 65–85 | Article
Second language learners show various forms of mispronunciation, or modification, of target pronunciation, most perhaps due to direct native language transfer, but others, summarized here, to deflected contrast, hypercorrection and covert contrast. The present paper reports on a novel form of… read more
Gick, Bryan, Barbara May Bernhardt, Penelope Bacsfalvi and Ian Wilson 2008 11. Ultrasound imaging applications in second language acquisitionPhonology and Second Language Acquisition, Hansen Edwards, Jette G. and Mary L. Zampini (eds.), pp. 309–322 | Article