Kheng Lee Koay

Kheng Lee Koay

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Social Cues in Robot Interaction, Trust and Acceptance

Edited by Alessandra Rossi, Kheng Lee Koay, Silvia Moros, Patrick Holthaus and Marcus Scheunemann

Special issue of Interaction Studies 20:3 (2019) v, 170 pp.
Subjects Artificial Intelligence | Cognition and language | Evolution of language | Interaction Studies


Woods, Sarah, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Christina Kaouri, René te Boekhorst, Kheng Lee Koay and Michael L. Walters. 2007. Are robots like people? Relationships between participant and robot personality traits in human–robot interaction studies. Interaction Studies 8:2, pp. 281–305
Identifying links between human personality and attributed robot personality is a relatively new area of human–robot interaction. In this paper we report on an exploratory study that investigates human and robot personality traits as part of a human–robot interaction trial. The trials took place in… read more | Article