Malin Ågren

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Subjects Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Multilingualism


This introduction to the special issue presents a brief overview of the phonological phenomenon of liaison in French, drawing on the morphosyntactic contexts of its use by native speakers. We outline previous research on liaison in second language acquisition, focusing on the challenges this… read more | Introduction
Dans cette introduction, nous caractérisons le phénomène phonologique que constitue la liaison en français en faisant référence à ses contextes d’ emploi morphosyntaxiques. Ensuite, nous présentons un court survol des recherches antérieures sur l’ acquisition de la liaison en langue seconde du… read more | Introduction
The acquisition of preverbal liaison (e.g. ils arrivent /ilzaʀiv/) in second language (L2) French has rarely been explored in detail in previous studies on obligatory liaison. In this study, we conducted an elicited imitation test in order to study the influence of proficiency level, modality… read more | Article
Ågren, Malin, Jonas Granfeldt and Anita Thomas 2014 : A study of simultaneous and successive bilingual acquisition of FrenchLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 4:4, pp. 462–493
This study investigates the combined effects of Age of Onset of Acquisition (AOA) and quality and quantity of input on the development of three grammatical structures in French. In a longitudinal and multiple case study including successive (L2) Swedish-French bilingual children (n = 3),… read more | Article
The present study focuses on the acquisition of subject–verb agreement in number in spoken French. We compare production and comprehension of singular and plural verb forms in French monolingual and French-Swedish bilingual children (n = 58) aged five to ten. Overall, the results demonstrate that… read more | Article
This chapter addresses the question of the growth of accuracy and complexity in L2 French from the perspective of developmental sequences of morphosyntax, developmental stages and linguistic profiling. The six developmental stages for L2 French proposed by Bartning and Schlyter (2004) are presented… read more | Article