Anthony J. Naro

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anthony J. Naro plays a role.


Naro, Anthony J., Maria Marta Pereira Scherre, Camila Candeias Foeger and Samine de Almeida Benfica 2017 Chapter 9. Linguistic and social embedding of variable concord with 1st plural nós ‘we’ in Brazilian PortugueseStudies on Variation in Portuguese, Barbosa, Pilar P., Maria da Conceição de Paiva and Celeste Rodrigues (eds.), pp. 219–232 | Chapter
In vernacular Brazilian Portuguese, use of 1st plural desinence -mos with nós ‘we’ is variable, although it is categorical in European Portuguese and very frequent in highly educated speakers in Brazil. Its absence is stigmatized in the urban context as an indication that the speaker ‘does not know… read more
Naro, Anthony J. and Maria Marta Pereira Scherre 2000 Variable Concord in Portuguese: The Situation in Brazil and PortugalLanguage Change and Language Contact in Pidgins and Creoles, McWhorter, John H. (ed.), pp. 235 ff. | Article
Naro, Anthony J. 1993 Arguing about ArguinJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 8:1, pp. 109–118 | Miscellaneous