Marc Swerts

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marc Swerts plays a role.


Hoetjes, Marieke, Emiel Krahmer and Marc Swerts. 2014. Do repeated references result in sign reduction?. Sign Language & Linguistics 17:1, pp. 56–81
Previous research on speech and gesture has found that repeated references are often linguistically reduced in terms of, for example, the number of words and the acoustic realization of these words, compared to initial references. The present study looks at the production of repeated references by… read more | Article
We present an analytic and a large scale experimental comparison of two informationally equivalent information displays of soccer statistics. Both displays were presented by the BBC during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The displays mainly differ in terms of the number and types of cognitively natural… read more | Article
Does gesturing primarily serve speaker internal purposes, or does it mostly facilitate communication, for example by conveying semantic content, or easing social interaction? To address this question, we asked native speakers of Dutch to retell an animated cartoon to a presumed audiovisual… read more | Article
Moneglia, Massimo, Marco Fabbri, Silvia Quazza, Andrea Panizza, Morena Danieli, Juan Maríia Garrido and Marc Swerts. 2005. 7. Appendix. C-ORAL-ROM: Integrated Reference Corpora for Spoken Romance Languages, Cresti, Emanuela and Massimo Moneglia (eds.), pp. 257–276
Noordman, Leo, Ingrid Huntjens-Dassen, Marc Swerts and Jacques M.B. Terken. 1999. Prosodic Markers of Text Structure. Discourse Studies in Cognitive Linguistics: Selected papers from the 5th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Amsterdam, July 1997, Van Hoek, Karen, Andrej A. Kibrik and Leo Noordman (eds.), pp. 133 ff.