Adam Glaz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Adam Glaz plays a role.


Glaz, Adam 2022 Chapter 3. Analogy in action: Space-time, perspectival frames, cultural modelsAnalogy and Contrast in Language: Perspectives from Cognitive Linguistics, Krawczak, Karolina, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk and Marcin Grygiel (eds.), pp. 61–82 | Chapter
Analogy as structural similarity is assumed to play a fundamental role in human cognition. This study is concerned with analogies between spatiotemporal orientation, linguistically-coded perspectival frames, and cultural experience. Two major types of orientational frames, and thus of cultural… read more
Glaz, Adam 2016 Virtual lexicogrammarStudies in Lexicogrammar: Theory and applications, Drożdż, Grzegorz (ed.), pp. 75–92 | Article
In this chapter, a proposal is made to anchor considerations on the lexicon-grammar continuity in the notions of metonymy and virtuality. In cognitive linguistics, as discussed subsequently in the chapter, metonymy is viewed as operating at the very heart of language, i.e. within the linguistic… read more
Glaz, Adam 2006 Beyond colour: Modelling language in colour-like waysProgress in Colour Studies: Volume I. Language and culture, Biggam, Carole P. and Christian Kay (eds.), pp. 73–87 | Article