Mirjam Fried

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mirjam Fried plays a role.


Book series


Advances in Frame Semantics

Edited by Mirjam Fried and Kiki Nikiforidou

[Benjamins Current Topics, 58] 2013. v, 209 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Variation and Change: Pragmatic perspectives

Edited by Mirjam Fried, Jan-Ola Östman and Jef Verschueren

[Handbook of Pragmatics Highlights, 6] 2010. x, 275 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology

Grammatical Constructions: Back to the roots

Edited by Mirjam Fried and Hans C. Boas

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 4] 2005. viii, 246 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Construction Grammars: Cognitive grounding and theoretical extensions

Edited by Jan-Ola Östman and Mirjam Fried

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 3] 2005. viii, 325 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Construction Grammar in a Cross-Language Perspective

Edited by Mirjam Fried and Jan-Ola Östman

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 2] 2004. vi, 209 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Grammatical organization of conversational language presents us with the challenge of incorporating recurrent contextual and discourse-relevant properties in grammatical descriptions, as part of speakers’ conventional knowledge. Using data from conversational Czech extracted from the Czech National… read more | Article
Fried, Mirjam 2015 Irregular morphology in regular syntactic patterns: A case of constructional re-alignmentDiachronic Construction Grammar, Barðdal, Jóhanna, Elena Smirnova, Lotte Sommerer and Spike Gildea (eds.), pp. 139–172
In exploring the multi-dimensional and incremental nature of grammatical change that emerges from the recurrent interaction between a form and its environment, this study demonstrates that a systematic examination of morphological irregularity can enrich our understanding of the anatomy of… read more | Article
Fried, Mirjam 2010 Grammaticalization and lexicalization effects in participial morphology: A Construction Grammar approach to language changeFormal Evidence in Grammaticalization Research, Van linden, An, Jean-Christophe Verstraete and Kristin Davidse (eds.), pp. 191–224
The study explores a particular functional shift (predication > modification) associated with a special participial form in Slavic, as attested in Old Czech. The purpose of the study is a close examination of the criteria that have been proposed as common manifestations of grammaticalization, in… read more | Article
Fried, Mirjam 2010 Constructions and frames as interpretive cluesFraming: From grammar to application, Sambre, Paul and Maria-Cornelia Wermuth (eds.), pp. 83–102
Drawing attention to a rather neglected domain in Construction Grammar analyses, this paper examines the multi-layered nature of speakers’ linguistic knowledge and its manifestation in the emergence of new linguistic structure. In particular, I show that the emergence of certain discourse-sensitive… read more | Article
Fried, Mirjam 2010 Introduction: From instances of change to explanations of changeVariation and Change: Pragmatic perspectives, Fried, Mirjam, Jan-Ola Östman and Jef Verschueren (eds.), pp. 1–16
Through a discourse-grounded internal reconstruction that aims at capturing the emergence of grammatical structure, the study examines the development of the subjective epistemic particle jestli ‘[in-my-opinion-] maybe’ in conversational Czech. Through internal reconstruction, the change (syntactic… read more | Article
Fried, Mirjam 2009 Word orderGrammar, Meaning and Pragmatics, Brisard, Frank, Jan-Ola Östman and Jef Verschueren (eds.), pp. 289–300
Fried, Mirjam 2009 Representing contextual factors in language change: Between frames and constructionsContexts and Constructions, Bergs, Alexander and Gabriele Diewald (eds.), pp. 63–94
In a usage-based analysis of four syntactic reflexives in Czech, this paper examines the question of representing speakers’ knowledge of polyfunctional grammatical categories. I argue that the reflexives form a prototype-based network of partially overlapping grammatical patterns, organized by the… read more | Article
Boas, Hans C. and Mirjam Fried 2005 IntroductionGrammatical Constructions: Back to the roots, Fried, Mirjam and Hans C. Boas (eds.), pp. 1–9
Östman, Jan-Ola and Mirjam Fried 2005 The Cognitive grounding of Constructional GrammarConstruction Grammars: Cognitive grounding and theoretical extensions, Östman, Jan-Ola and Mirjam Fried (eds.), pp. 1–13
Fried, Mirjam 2004 Predicate semantics and event construal in Czech case markingConstruction Grammar in a Cross-Language Perspective, Fried, Mirjam and Jan-Ola Östman (eds.), pp. 87–119
Fried, Mirjam and Jan-Ola Östman 2004 Construction Grammar: A thumbnail sketchConstruction Grammar in a Cross-Language Perspective, Fried, Mirjam and Jan-Ola Östman (eds.), pp. 11–86
Östman, Jan-Ola and Mirjam Fried 2004 Historical and intellectual background of Construction GrammarConstruction Grammar in a Cross-Language Perspective, Fried, Mirjam and Jan-Ola Östman (eds.), pp. 1–10
Fried, Mirjam 2003 Word orderHandbook of Pragmatics: 2002 Installment, Verschueren, Jef, Jan-Ola Östman, Jan Blommaert † and Chris Bulcaen (eds.), pp. 1–14
Fried, Mirjam 1999 From Interest to Ownership: a Constructional View of External PossessorsExternal Possession, Payne, Doris L. and Immanuel Barshi (eds.), pp. 473 ff.