Stephen Morey

List of John Benjamins publications for which Stephen Morey plays a role.


Losu, Banwang and Stephen Morey 2023 The Wancho language of Kamhua Noknu villageLinguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 46:2, pp. 201–234 | Article
This article compares the word list collected by and published in LTBA 21.2 by the late Robbins Burling and Mr Mankai Wangsu in 1998, a word list that represents ‘Lower Wancho’, with a word list collected from Mr Banwang Losu of Kamhua Noknu village, in the Upper Wancho area. Along with the word… read more
Morey, Stephen 2011 Transitivity in Cholim TangsaStudies in Transitivity: Insights from Language Documentation, Kratochvíl, František, Alexander R. Coupe and Randy J. LaPolla (eds.), pp. 676–701 | Article
Transitivity in the Cholim variety of Tangsa is seen to be a grammatical feature with low functional load. It is viewed in terms of three factors: the form of the verb (simplex, middle and causative), the relationship to markers of agentivity and anti-agentive, and the verbal agreement system of… read more
Morey, Stephen 2011 Nominalization in Numhpuk SingphoNominalization in Asian Languages: Diachronic and typological perspectives, Yap, Foong Ha, Karen Grunow-Hårsta and Janick Wrona (eds.), pp. 289–312 | Article
Numphuk Singpho has two nominalization processes, derivational nominalization where a lexical noun is derived from another part of speech by addition of hpa, and clausal nominalization where a noun phrase is derived from a clause. Such clausal nominalizations most often co-occur with the definite… read more
Hercus, Luise and Stephen Morey 2008 10. Some remarks on negatives in Southeastern AustraliaMorphology and Language History: In honour of Harold Koch, Bowern, Claire, Bethwyn Evans and Luisa Miceli (eds.), pp. 139–154 | Article