Miquel Àngel Pradilla Cardona

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Subjects Romance linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Costa-Carreras, Joan, Carla Amorós-Negre and Miquel Àngel Pradilla Cardona 2023 ‘Compositionality’ in comparative standardologyDesired Language: Languages as objects of national ideology, Feliu, Francesc (ed.), pp. 203–218
Our aim of establishing the theoretical basis for the study of comparative standardology among the Spanish languages makes a revision of the metalanguage used in language standardisation studies a previous and necessary task. As one of the basic notions in the history and comparison of the… read more | Chapter
Pradilla Cardona, Miquel Àngel 2022 Chapter 1. Catalan sociolinguistics: A multifaceted disciplineCatalan Sociolinguistics: State of the art and future challenges, Pradilla Cardona, Miquel Àngel (ed.), pp. 1–14
Almost five decades after its foundation, Catalan sociolinguistics is a vigorous discipline. It should be said, however, that the magnitude of the research carried out reveals a knowledge area with extremely vague limits. On the whole, Catalan sociolinguistics still presents a clearly… read more | Chapter
In the transition from autonomous linguistics, that is to say linguistics centred exclusively on the structural analysis of language, to a type of discipline with an inherent concern for the interaction between linguistics and socio-pragmatic variables, a good deal of proposals have been made,… read more | Chapter
Pradilla Cardona, Miquel Àngel 2022 PrefaceCatalan Sociolinguistics: State of the art and future challenges, Pradilla Cardona, Miquel Àngel (ed.), pp. ix–x
Flors-Mas, Aveŀlí, Natxo Sorolla, Miquel Àngel Pradilla Cardona and F. Xavier Vila i Moreno 2021 The recent evolution of first languages in Catalonia: Between minoritization and language maintenanceLanguage Problems and Language Planning 45:1, pp. 31–55
The case of Catalonia has often been pointed out as a case of success in the field of language policy, based on the improvement in its legal situation, the increase in the number of people who know it, and the extension of its use in certain fields. To contribute to a complete evaluation of the… read more | Article