Lawrence W. Barsalou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lawrence W. Barsalou plays a role.


Barsalou, Lawrence W. 2021 Chapter 3. Categories at the interface of cognition and actionBuilding Categories in Interaction: Linguistic resources at work, Mauri, Caterina, Ilaria Fiorentini and Eugenio Goria (eds.), pp. 35–72 | Chapter
Grounded cognition offers a natural framework for studying categories that lie at the interface of cognition and action. From this perspective, cognition emerges from the coupling of the brain, the modalities, the body, and the environment. Situated action, in particular, links these domains… read more
Barsalou, Lawrence W., Karen Olseth Solomon and Ling-Ling Wu 1999 Perceptual simulation in conceptual tasksCultural, Psychological and Typological Issues in Cognitive Linguistics: Selected papers of the bi-annual ICLA meeting in Albuquerque, July 1995, Hiraga, Masako K., Chris Sinha and Sherman Wilcox (eds.), pp. 209 ff. | Article