Willem J. de Reuse

List of John Benjamins publications for which Willem J. de Reuse plays a role.


Golluscio, Lucía A., Felipe Hasler and Willem J. de Reuse. 2019. Chapter 5. Nominalized constructions with argument functions in the languages of the Chaco: A contribution to the typology of indigenous South American languages. Nominalization in Languages of the Americas, Zariquiey, Roberto, Masayoshi Shibatani and David W. Fleck (eds.), pp. 249–270
The complementation strategies attested in two well-known areas, the Andean area and the Amazonian area are compared with those existing in Chaco languages, which possibly constitute a linguistic area as well. The Chaco languages examined belong to the Guaycuruan, Lule-Vilela, Mataguayan,… read more | Chapter
Reuse, Willem J. de. 2017. Chapter 14. Loanwords in Apachean from indigenous languages of the Southwest. Language Contact and Change in Mesoamerica and Beyond, Dakin, Karen, Claudia Parodi and Natalie Operstein (eds.), pp. 302–318
Most studies of Apachean language contact have focused on Spanish borrowings into these languages, or on the more recent English language influences. In this paper, the focus is on how some indigenous Southwestern languages, belonging to the Kiowa-Tanoan, Uto-Aztecan, and Zuni families, have… read more | Chapter
Polysynthesis is characterized as a type of morphology, qualitatively different from inflectional morphology and from derivational morphology and redefined as productive noninflectional concatenation (PNC). Like syntax and unlike derivational morphology, PNC is fully productive, potentially… read more | Chapter
Reuse, Willem J. de. 2005. The Tonology of the Western Apache Noun Stem. Athabaskan Prosody, Hargus, Sharon and Keren Rice (eds.), pp. 209–228
Reuse, Willem J. de. 2003. 4. Evidentiality in Western Apache (Athabaskan). Studies in Evidentiality, Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y. and R.M.W. Dixon (eds.), pp. 79–100