Mercedes Roldán Vendrell

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The existing language of oliviculture and elaiotechnics makes evident the significant development of this specialised field over the past decades. The progressive industrialisation and professionalization of this sector has progressively given rise to a new terminology that is updating the old… read more | Article
Roldán Vendrell, Mercedes and Jesús Fernández-Domínguez. 2012. Emergent neologisms and lexical gaps in specialised languages. Neology in Specialized Communication, Cabré, Teresa, Rosa Estopà and Chelo Vargas-Sierra (eds.), pp. 9–26
One of the characteristics traditionally attributed to neologisms is that they label new realities, which is particularly relevant in terminological studies because these are concerned with areas of intense denominative activity. This article proposes that, besides this well-known feature, the… read more | Article