Victoria Nyst

List of John Benjamins publications for which Victoria Nyst plays a role.


ISSN 1568-1475 | E-ISSN 1569-9773


A considerable body of literature points at parallels between gestural elements and sign language structures. This raises the question to what extent variation in gesture environment may lead to related variation across sign languages, or, mutatis mutandis, to what extent similarities in gesture… read more | Article
This paper presents a semiotic study of the distribution of a type of size depiction in lexical signs in six sign languages. Recently, a growing number of studies are focusing on the distribution of two representation techniques, i.e. the use of entity handshapes and handling handshapes for the… read more | Article
A comparison of size gestures made during object descriptions by Anyi speakers from the Ivory Coast and Dutch speakers in the Netherlands reveals considerable formational differences. Firstly, whereas all Anyi speakers make use of body parts to depict size and shape, none of the Dutch speakers do.… read more | Article
Nyst, Victoria. 2007. Simultaneous Constructions in Adamorobe Sign Language (Ghana). Simultaneity in Signed Languages: Form and function, Vermeerbergen, Myriam, Lorraine Leeson and Onno A. Crasborn (eds.), pp. 127–145