Willem J.M. Levelt

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Subjects Psycholinguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Melinger, Alissa and Willem J.M. Levelt 2005 Gesture and the communicative intention of the speakerGesture 4:2, pp. 119–141 | Article
This paper aims to determine whether iconic tracing gestures produced while speaking constitute part of the speaker’s communicative intention. We used a picture description task in which speakers must communicate the spatial and color information of each picture to an interlocutor. By establishing… read more
These introductory remarks review some developments in Dutch applied psycholinguistic research during the last five years. Among them are the following: (1) Dutch psychologists show increased interest in child language, but still not enough to be of much help to the applied worker, (2)… read more
Zwanenburg, Wiecher, G.R.E. Ouweneel and Willem J.M. Levelt 1977 La Frontière Du Mot En FrancaisStudies in Language 1:2, pp. 209–221 | Article