Bassey E. Antia

Bassey E. Antia

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Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes

Edited by Alexandra U. Esimaje, Ulrike Gut and Bassey E. Antia

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 88] 2019. ix, 403 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | English linguistics | Other African languages | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology
Subjects Discourse studies | Language policy | Lexicography | Pragmatics | Terminology


Antia, Bassey E. and Tamsyn Hendricks. 2019. Chapter 3.3. Semiotic signature of transformation in a diachronic corpus of a South African political party. Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes, Esimaje, Alexandra U., Ulrike Gut and Bassey E. Antia (eds.), pp. 373–400
Corpus analysis has become established as an approach to the study of language description or for applied pursuits in language teaching, terminology, and so on. However, because of the social indexicalities of language use, corpora can also inform studies of social phenomena. This chapter draws on… read more | Chapter
Esimaje, Alexandra U., Ulrike Gut and Bassey E. Antia. 2019. Introduction: Corpus linguistics and African Englishes. Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes, Esimaje, Alexandra U., Ulrike Gut and Bassey E. Antia (eds.), pp. 1–4
There has been substantial research into terminology as an issue in learning science, especially against the backdrop of concerns over school literacy in science and as sometimes reflected in the poor performance of high school students in assessment tasks. Relevant research has emphasized issues… read more | Article
Antia, Bassey E. 2015. Language policy and terminology in South Africa. Handbook of Terminology: Volume 1, Kockaert, Hendrik J. and Frieda Steurs (eds.), pp. 467–488
This chapter describes the development of the language policy programme of postapartheid South Africa. It highlights both the place of terminology in this policy programme and some of its achievements. As the fortunes of terminology are inevitably bound up with the fate of the policy on… read more | Article
Although visuals have been co-deployed with text in specialized dictionaries as far back as the European Renaissance, the interaction of both representational modalities is relatively under-researched. As a consequence, available knowledge is relatively limited with respect to the kinds of visuals… read more | Article
Research has traditionally portrayed language for specialized purposes (LSP) as devoid of idiosyncrasy, indeterminacy, context-specificity, inter-cultural variation, inconsistency of expression and acceptation, among other attributes associated with general or non-specialized discourse. This… read more | Article