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Subjects Sino-Tibetan languages | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Wh-Movement and the Theory of Feature-Checking

Andrew Simpson

[Not in series, 98] 2000. xii, 244 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax


There is increasing evidence that languages may use distinct forms to encode definiteness in instances of anaphoric and non-anaphoric definiteness, for example, distinct determiners, or bare classifier vs. bare noun patterns. This chapter considers a recent, prominent claim in Jenks (2018) that… read more | Chapter
This study investigates the use of null and overt pronouns and noun phrases in Vietnamese spoken and written narratives, with a focus on referents’ grammatical roles and grammatical parallelism. Looking at Vietnamese allows us to address questions left open in prior work regarding the effects of… read more | Chapter
Simpson, Andrew, Hooi Ling Soh and Hiroki Nomoto 2011 Bare classifiers and definiteness: A cross-linguistic investigationStudies in Language 35:1, pp. 168–193
In some (numeral) classifier languages, a classifier may occur “bare” (i.e. with a noun but without a numeral) and the nominal expression receives a definite interpretation. On the basis of evidence from Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Cheng and Sybesma (1999) hypothesize that classifier languages… read more | Article
Simpson, Andrew 2008 The grammaticalization of clausal nominalizers in BurmeseRethinking Grammaticalization: New perspectives, López-Couso, María José and Elena Seoane (eds.), pp. 265–288
This paper is concerned with the grammaticalization of clausal nominalizers in two different but closely-related forms of Burmese, Colloquial Burmese and Literary Burmese. A contrastive overview of the morphosyntactic properties of the nominalizersthii and mii of Literary Burmese and their… read more | Article
Bhattacharya, Tanmoy and Andrew Simpson 2007 Argument prominence and the nature of superiority violationsArgument Structure, Reuland, Eric J., Tanmoy Bhattacharya and Giorgos Spathas (eds.), pp. 175–211
This paper studies the mapping of argument structure into higher parts of the clause and examines the relation of argument structure to multiple wh-structuresand Superiority phenomena. Superiority effects are commonly assumed to arise when wh -movement triggered by the feature-checking requirements… read more | Article
Simpson, Andrew 2004 The EPP, fossilized movement and reanalysisDiachronic Clues to Synchronic Grammar, Fuß, Eric and Carola Trips (eds.), pp. 161–189
Simpson, Andrew 2001 On Covert Movement and LFThe Minimalist Parameter: Selected papers from the Open Linguistics Forum, Ottawa, 21–23 March 1997, Alexandrova, Galina M. and Olga Arnaudova (eds.), pp. 191–204