Alessandro Capone

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In this paper, we analyse and discuss an utterance/pragmeme/pract proffered by US President Donald Trump and addressed to FBI Director Comey: ‘I hope you will let Flynn go’.1 We consider the explicature of this utterance (‘I hope you will drop the Russian investigation concerning Flynn’) and its… read more
The recent debate on pragmatics and the law has found ways to circumvent an important distinction, originally drawn by Dascal and Wróblewski (1991), between the historical law-maker, the current law-maker, and the ideal/rational law-maker.1 By insisting on the relationship between the rational… read more
This paper presents a purely pragmatic account of quotation which, it is argued, will be able to accommodate all relevant linguistic phenomena. Given that it is more parsimonious to explain the data by reference to pragmatic principles only than to explain them by reference to both pragmatic and… read more
Capone, Alessandro 2012 Indirect reports as language gamesPragmatics & Cognition 20:3, pp. 593–613 | Article
In this chapter I deal with indirect reports in terms of language games. I try to make connections between the theory of language games and the theory of indirect reports, in the light of the issue of clues and cues. Indirect reports are based on an interplay of voices. The voice of the reporter… read more
Capone, Alessandro 2008 Review of Wierzbicka (2006): English. Meaning and CultureStudies in Language 32:2, pp. 457–465 | Review
Capone, Alessandro 2003 Theories of presuppositions and presuppositional cliticsPerspectives on Dialogue in the New Millennium, Kühnlein, Peter, Hannes Rieser and Henk Zeevat (eds.), pp. 111–133 | Article
Capone, Alessandro 2003 Dilemmas and excogitations: Further considerations on modality, clitics and discourseMeaning Through Language Contrast: Volume 1, Jaszczolt, Katarzyna M. and Ken Turner (eds.), pp. 147–173 | Article