Trine Dahl

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Academic Voices: Across languages and disciplines

Kjersti Fløttum, Trine Dahl and Torodd Kinn

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 148] 2006. x, 309 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Dahl, Trine 2009 Author identity in economics and linguistics abstractsCross-Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Academic Discourse, Suomela-Salmi, Eija and Fred Dervin (eds.), pp. 123–134
In this paper I present as part of the KIAP project (see Fløttum’s paper, this volume) an analysis of 160 English and Norwegian research article abstracts within economics and linguistics with a view to characterising the various identities or roles assumed by the author. Three different roles are… read more | Article