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The Derivation of VO and OV

Edited by Peter Svenonius

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 31] 2000. vi, 372 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax


Svenonius, Peter 2021 Prepositions with CP and their implications for extended projectionsInto adpositions: New formal perspectives on the structure of the PP and its variation, Acedo-Matellán, Víctor, Theresa Biberauer, Jaume Mateu and Anna Pineda (eds.), pp. 11–45 | Article
In some limited cases, English allows a particular preposition to combine with a certain kind of subordinate clause, as exemplified by in that in “I take the proposal seriously, in that I loathe it”. In contrast, Norwegian systematically allows prepositions to combine with subordinate clauses… read more
Svenonius, Peter 2016 Spans and wordsMorphological Metatheory, Siddiqi, Daniel and Heidi Harley (eds.), pp. 201–222 | Article
1. The problem: Words are a pervasive unit of syntax and yet the dominant theory of them, the X0 theory, is problematic, predicting more parallels between phrasal and head movement than are observed. Phrasal movement approaches to word formation fare even worse on that score. Mirror Theory (MT)… read more
Svenonius, Peter 2015 The morphological expression of case 
in ÖvdalianStudies in Övdalian Morphology and Syntax: New research on a lesser-known Scandinavian language, Bentzen, Kristine, Henrik Rosenkvist and Janne Bondi Johannessen † (eds.), pp. 177–230 | Article
The purpose of this paper is to document and describe the case system of the most conservative variety of Övdalian still spoken (‘Traditional Övdalian,’ TÖ). The system is compared with the four-case system of Old Swedish (OS) and the three-case system of Classical Övdalian (CÖ) described by… read more
Svenonius, Peter 2012 4. Drowning “into” the river in North Sámi: Uses of the illativeSpace and Time in Languages and Cultures: Linguistic diversity, Filipović, Luna and Katarzyna M. Jaszczolt (eds.), pp. 73–94 | Article
This chapter documents and analyzes an instance in North Sámi of spatial morphology (directional case and adpositions) interacting with temporal interpretation (change of state). In effect, in North Sámi one can sleep on a floor or swim in a river, but one falls asleep ‘onto’ the floor, and drowns… read more
Ramchand, Gillian and Peter Svenonius 2008 Mapping a parochial lexicon onto a universal semanticsThe Limits of Syntactic Variation, Biberauer, Theresa (ed.), pp. 219–245 | Article
In this paper, we argue that languages differ in what parts of meaning arespecified in the syntax and what parts are negotiated by the Conceptual-Intentional systems (C-I). This leads to a kind of parametric variation, whichwe illustrate with examples from Norwegian definiteness, Russian… read more
Svenonius, Peter 2008 Projections of PSyntax and Semantics of Spatial P, Asbury, Anna, Jakub Dotlačil, Berit Gehrke and Rick Nouwen (eds.), pp. 63–84 | Article
Svenonius, Peter 2007 Adpositions, particles and the arguments they introduceArgument Structure, Reuland, Eric J., Tanmoy Bhattacharya and Giorgos Spathas (eds.), pp. 63–103 | Article
Spatial relations, and certain other relations among entities and events, are expressed in many languages by caseless, tenseless words that grammarians often call prepositions or postpositions (adpositions). In this article I make some general observations about these words and their role in… read more
Svenonius, Peter 2005 Extending the extension condition to discontinuous idiomsLinguistic Variation Yearbook 2005, Pica, Pierre, Johan Rooryck and Jeroen van Craenenbroeck (eds.), pp. 227–263 | Article
This paper makes a specific proposal regarding the structure of idioms as they are listed in the lexicon, which has important ramifications. Specifically, I suggest that first Merge as well as internal Merge can target subconstituents of structures already built by Merge. This creates structures… read more
Svenonius, Peter 2000 Quantifier Movement in IcelandicThe Derivation of VO and OV, Svenonius, Peter (ed.), pp. 255 ff. | Article
Svenonius, Peter 2000 IntroductionThe Derivation of VO and OV, Svenonius, Peter (ed.), pp. 1 ff. | Miscellaneous