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Beyond Meaning

Edited by Elly Ifantidou, Louis de Saussure and Tim Wharton

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 324] 2021. vi, 200 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Semantics
Subjects Cognition and language | Functional linguistics | Language acquisition | Pragmatics | Semantics | Theoretical linguistics

Evidentials and Relevance

Elly Ifantidou

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 86] 2001. xii, 225 pp.
Subjects Pragmatics | Semantics


Ifantidou, Elly and Lemonia Tsavdaridou 2023 Mirative evidentials, relevance and non‑propositional meaningPragmatics & Cognition 30:1, pp. 59–91
In this study, we are addressing the call for further research (Aikhenvald 2015) into how languages, in our case Modern Greek, mark the unexpected. Our first research question is: Can we identify a class of mirative evidential markers in Modern Greek? The expected answer is that we can, if we take… read more | Article
Ifantidou, Elly 2021 Metaphor comprehension: Meaning and beyondBeyond Meaning, Ifantidou, Elly, Louis de Saussure and Tim Wharton (eds.), pp. 61–76
Preliminary evidence on non-propositional effects as indispensable to the informational content of metaphorical utterances is provided in Ifantidou (2019), Ifantidou and Hatzidaki (2019). The idea put forward was that the aesthetic apprehension of linguistic metaphors extends to enriching… read more | Chapter
Ifantidou, Elly and Anna Piata 2021 Metaphor and mental shortcuts: The role of non-propositional effectsNew Developments in Relevance Theory, Padilla Cruz, Manuel and Agnieszka Piskorska (eds.), pp. 299–320
Cognitive-pragmatic approaches to how metaphors are understood view the activation of perceptual or motor effects as inferred (Steinhart 2001; Bergen 2005; Wilson and Carston 2006; Carston 2010; Gibbs and de Macedo 2010; Wilson and Carston 2019). Crucially, inferences elicit conceptual… read more | Article
The study evaluates pragmatic competence in an academic context under different conditions of treatment. Control and experimental groups are used to assess the effects of intervention and language proficiency on developing pragmatic competence. Using the relevance-theoretic framework (Sperber and… read more | Article
Ifantidou, Elly 2009 Evidentials and metarepresentation in early child languageEvidentiality in language and cognition, Ekberg, Lena and Carita Paradis (eds.), pp. 89–122
This paper examines the developmental relation of the use and understanding of Modern Greek evidential lexical items with varying degrees of metarepresentational ability. Drawing on early natural language production of two 3;6–5;10-year-olds, the paper shows that children’s use of evidentials… read more | Article
Ifantidou, Elly 2005 Evidential particles and mind-readingPragmatics & Cognition 13:2, pp. 253–295
The paper investigates the acquisition of the semantics/pragmatics of two Modern Greek evidential markers taha (‘supposedly’) and dithen (‘as if’, ‘so-called’) and possible correlations with children’s mind-reading abilities. Between (a) an evidential–ironical interpretation and (b) a pretence… read more | Article
This paper examines the development of a variety of evidential lexical items in Modern Greek from a longitudinal perspective involving 4;6 – 11;7 year olds. The main question to be addressed concerns parallel or asynchronous order of acquisition: Does the ability to use evidentials emerge for all… read more | Article
Ifantidou, Elly 2000 Procedural encoding of explicatures by the Modern Greek particle tahaPragmatic Markers and Propositional Attitude, Andersen, Gisle and Thorstein Fretheim (eds.), pp. 119 ff.