Malgorzata Tryuk

List of John Benjamins publications for which Malgorzata Tryuk plays a role.


Tryuk, Malgorzata 2010 Interpreting in Nazi concentration camps during World War IIInterpreting 12:2, pp. 125–145 | Article
This paper is based on a study of the records of prisoners in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp with the aim of uncovering as much information as possible about camp interpreters, their work and their attempts to ease the hardships of other prisoners, often risking their own lives in the… read more
Tryuk, Malgorzata 2007 Community interpreting in PolandThe Critical Link 4: Professionalisation of interpreting in the community, Wadensjö, Cecilia, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova and Anna-Lena Nilsson (eds.), pp. 95–105 | Article
The article aims at identifying the problems connected with community interpreting in Poland on the eve of Poland’s accession to the European Union. It presents the results of an investigation carried out in a sample group of different types of community interpreters in Poland and discusses a… read more
Tryuk, Malgorzata 2000 La phraséologie en terminologie: Quelques problèmes de traductionBabel 46:1, pp. 66–76 | Article
In the context of terminology, phraseology is considered to be the linguistic study of particular terms and their environment, and terminological phraseologism is understood to be a combination of lexemes which is neither totally fixed nor completely free (e.g. of the type: N+Adj, N+V, V+N) , with… read more