Kathy Rys

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kathy Rys plays a role.


Rys, Kathy, Emmanuel Keuleers, Walter Daelemans and Steven Gillis 2017 Chapter 10. Acquisition of phonological variables of a Flemish dialect by children raised in Standard Dutch: Some considerations on the learning mechanismsAcquiring Sociolinguistic Variation, De Vogelaer, Gunther and Matthias Katerbow (eds.), pp. 267–304
This study investigates the learning mechanisms underlying the acquisition of a dialect as a second language. We focus on the acquisition of phonological features of a Flemish dialect by children with Standard Dutch or a regional variety of Dutch as their first language. Data were gathered by means… read more | Chapter
Rys, Kathy and Albert Oosterhof 2016 Fragment answers with infinitives in a Flemish dialectLinguistics in the Netherlands 2016, Audring, Jenny and Sander Lestrade (eds.), pp. 89–105
This paper is devoted to a construction in a specific Flemish dialect, in which infinitives are used in fragment answers in contexts where this would be unacceptable in other varieties. Questions such as Waar is mijn boek? ‘Where is my book?’ can be answered with constructions such as Op tafel… read more | Article