Salomi Boukala

List of John Benjamins publications for which Salomi Boukala plays a role.


This chapter intends to show how the arena of political debate has relocated from Parliament to Facebook in contemporary Greece and explore the parameters and impact of such relocation in discourses of contemporary political polemics. It explores the way social media spaces combine bottom-up and… read more
This article seeks to explore the discursive rediscovery of the left menace and the ideological relevance between the far right and the right wing in Greece in times of political turmoil. Drawing on some historical aspects of modern Greece, first, I intend to explain the resurgence of Greece’s… read more
This paper explores the Twitter discourse of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, regarding security issues and the threat of ‘Islamist terrorism’ as manifested in the latest election campaign (March 2015) and his tweets and statements on Operation Protective Edge (July – August 2014).… read more
To date, the concept of ‘European identity’ remains quite vague and obscure. Who is European and who is not? What values do Europeans share, and who is included in or excluded from the European community? This paper deals with the renegotiation of European identity/ies and the simultaneous increase… read more