Mike Baynham

Mike Baynham

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Meaning Making in the Periphery. AILA Review, Volume 30

Edited by Luiz Paulo Moita-Lopes and Mike Baynham

[AILA Review, 30]2017.  xiii, 188 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics

Literacies, Global and Local

Edited by Mastin Prinsloo and Mike Baynham

[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 2]2008.  vii, 218 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language teaching | Writing and literacy


Baynham, Mike and Jolana Hanušová. 2017. On the relationality of centers, peripheries and interactional regimes. Meaning Making in the Periphery, Moita-Lopes, Luiz Paulo and Mike Baynham (eds.), pp. 144–166
In this paper we discuss a multilingual interactional event that involves both interpreting and literacy work, part of a large scale study on translanguaging in superdiverse urban settings. In the first part of the interaction, the center/periphery dynamic is played out in what might be called… read more | Article
Moita-Lopes, Luiz Paulo and Mike Baynham. 2017. Introduction. Meaning Making in the Periphery, Moita-Lopes, Luiz Paulo and Mike Baynham (eds.), pp. v–xiii
Prinsloo, Mastin and Mike Baynham. 2008. Introduction: Renewing literacy studies. Literacies, Global and Local, Prinsloo, Mastin and Mike Baynham (eds.), pp. 1–13
Baynham, Mike. 2003. Narratives in space and time. Narrative Inquiry 13:2, pp. 347–366
Baynham, Mike and Helen Lobanga Masing. 2001. 10. Mediators and mediation in multilingual literacy events. Multilingual Literacies: Reading and writing different worlds, Martin-Jones, Marilyn and Kathryn E. Jones (eds.), pp. 189 ff.
This paper examines approaches to the analysis of speech reporting, finding that these approaches fall into two broad categories: traditional approaches which emphasize the syntactic dimension of speech reporting and are informed by an autonomous model of language and discourse pragmatic approaches… read more | Article